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    London Design Biennale

    A vibrant, ambitious and innovative exhibition by over 40 different countries, regions and territories are currently located in Somerset House, London. With the theme of Emotional States linking all these different pieces together, each has its perspective on emotion. Here are a few of my favourite pieces: Australia – Full Spectrum A rainbow coloured spectrum, with flexible and changing lights, it is said to represent the emotion of love. After Australia legalised same-sex marriage, the designer Flynn Talbot was inspired by the inclusivity of love and the openness of Australia with this piece. Integrating the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag, and the movement of the spectrum shows the progression and…

  • Events,  London

    Triple Review: Instagram tour of London with a social media expert

    I came across Triple.Co while browsing the internet on a typical morning commute (you know what it is like, Alice falling down the rabbit hole!). They offer a number of local run tours in numerous cities across Europe. They appealed to me as I love anything where locals can teach me about my own city and being a guide may be something I consider in the future. It’s sometimes hard to find something to do in your own town and end up doing the same things over and over, so I was looking for inspiration! London Heading over to the London section of the website to browse the various events…

  • Travel and Weddings

    Destination Weddings – Madeira

    One of the incredible wedding destinations that you can choose from for a destination wedding is the gorgeous country of Madeira. A small island part of Portugal, north of the Canary Islands is where you can find the tranquil Madeira. A protected UNESCO site, famous for its wine and nature and a perfect wedding destination. Sunny skies, azure blue seas, and pretty pink flowers litter the island and you will be spoilt for choice of destination. Whether its a boho outdoor wedding or beachy vibes, it is well worth checking it out! For more information and details about the destination of Madeira, please check out the webpage https://sayyestomadeira.com/en/

  • Mental Health

    Your On-The-Go Self-Care Kit

    Everyone, even those without mental health conditions, needs to look after themselves, especially when they are on the road travelling. It is easy to forget to put yourself first and get caught up in the adventure, so this is why I have put together my on-the-go self-care kit for things I always take travelling. Journal (an assortment of coloured pens) In the technological world that we now live in (she says writing this on an iPad) the joy of actually taking a pen to paper and jotting down your thoughts or doodling or colouring can be a really nice action to do with your hands to refocus. I always have coloured…

  • United Kingdom

    From Balloch to Tarbet – The West of Loch Lomond

    Where the sun shines fair on the banks of Loch Lomond Britain’s largest loch (or lake) is one of the most beautiful destinations in Scotland (and trust me there are a lot of places to chose from). I have spent many childhood summers visiting my grandparents who are only a 10-minute drive away. Situated in the heart of the ‘Trossachs’ Scotland’s first national park, is a miniature version of the highlands, only an hour from Glasgow. Balloch The start of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs park is Balloch, which has plenty to do and see. Balloch Castle Country Park Initially developed in the early 19th century, the country park and…

  • Getting Around

    Things I Wish People Knew Before Visiting London

    London is my home city, and yes I may be incredibly biased, but there is nowhere else like it. There may be capital cities but none with the history, diversity, and culture of my own, and rightly so we have a plethora of visitors every year. But… (there had to be a but right!) But it frustrates me how everyone’s experience of London could be improved with just a few small changes and some heartfelt advice. This article isn’t meant to be a bitch fit rant at tourists, but a few tips from a local might make your trip a bit calmer! Please let people off the tube before boarding The whole…