It’s always really weird talking about yourself

My name is Claire Jeffrey, and I am a 30 (ish!) year old Londoner. I have lived in greater London until I was 18 and growing up, London always seemed this beautiful, magical city, and now I have spent years working in and around the city, I couldn’t agree more. London, it is like a siren calling me back wherever I go.

When I was little, I would spend my summer holidays with my Grandparents out at Loch Lomond. My mum is from Glasgow but has lived in London since she was 18. I am super proud of my Scottish and Celtic ancestry.

When I was 18, I left home to go and study in Dunedin, New Zealand. I thought that maybe I should incorporate my University and Gap Year. I met some fantastic people, learnt more about myself than I thought I could. I spent just under three years in New Zealand and would strongly recommend a study abroad, even for just a term/semester/year.

When I came back to London at 21, I started working for a private healthcare company, that had branches all over the UK, so I frequently travelled to different clinics and then travelling to Amsterdam every six weeks for 18 months, and Dublin every four weeks for 18 months. I now work for an international non-profit organisation and have worked in medicine and healthcare since I finished University.

I am a bit of a rugby fanatic and absolutely love all sports. My dad always got asked why I was growing up whether he was disappointed that he never had a son, and he still said ‘It’s alright, I have Claire!’. I started going to live football matches when I was 11 years old, and have always followed football and then rugby, but to be honest, I will watch any sport either live or on TV, and I have volunteered at three large sporting events since London 2012.

I started learning/self-teaching photography in 2011 as a creative outlet and hobby. I have always loved to travel and see new places, and enjoy photographing these places to remember the beautiful experiences. I decided that writing a travel blog was a great way of sharing my travel experiences, the photography lessons I have learnt along the way, a creative outlet from my day-to-day analytical job and a method of connecting with awesome people.

I hope you enjoy the stories and journey

Peace and love

Claire x


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