All About Taranaki

New Zealand is a wondrous place to visit, with its beautiful beaches to its epic mountains, and Mount Taranaki is one of the most famous nature destinations out to the west of the North Island. ‘The Naki’ is it is affectionately known, is often overlooked as a destination due to its distance out west, but […]

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The History and Making of Jersey

Jersey Sea Workers Statue

There is so much to Jersey and here we will go through the history and how the island has been shaped to what it is today. Geography Jersey was part of mainland Europe, until approximately 6000 years ago, when the rising tides isolated Jersey from what is now France. Jersey has some of the most […]

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Why I Wish People Would Stop Putting Padlocks on Bridges

Padlock Bridge Paris

Fair warning… this post is a bit of a rant I can be a bit of a grumpy old cow at times, and I have quite a few pet peeves. Whether this is lateness or laziness *screams internally* but when travelling, I feel that we all have a degree of responsibility to preserve the destinations […]

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Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams at the Victoria & Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington is one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to textiles, costumes, jewellery, sculpture and printmaking. To give you an overall idea of the what the museum houses, it was originally called the museum of Manufactures. For the first half of 2019, the V&A pays hommage […]

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The Tragic Loss and Destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral

For anyone who has visited Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous sights to visit. At 6:30 pm on Monday a fire broke out destroying the central spire, stained glass windows, and wooden interior. Paris, France and the World mourn for this loss of heritage with a vast outpouring of grief and […]

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Catching Up With The Locals at Jersey Zoo

Jersey may be a small island, but it has plenty of heart and spirit. Especially the naturalist and author Gerald Durell, who in 1959 set up a Jersey Zoo and a wildlife conservation trust to help save endangered species of animals. Gerald Durrell The humble beginnings of Jersey Zoo start with Gerald Durrell. Gerald Durrell […]

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The Jersey War Tunnels and the Island’s German Occupation

During World War II, the only British soil to be occupied by the German Armed Forces were the islands of Jersey and Guernsey in the English Channel. This occupation lasted five years. The aftermath is still visible with the underground Jersey War Tunnels located at St. Lawerence.

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Good to Know Things I Learnt From My Trip to Jersey

Mont Orgueil Castle Jersey

I recently visited the lovely little Channel Island of Jersey, and there were a few things that I learnt on my adventures that would have been really handy to know in advance, so here is my top lessons 1. The Island is much bigger than I expected! Ok, so it’s not massive but at 9 […]

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Test Your Welsh on Saint David’s Day

The 1st March is a celebration in Wales of St David, the patron saint. Although it has been more than 1400 years since the days of St David, the Welsh sense of culture and pride hasn’t dulled for a day. Legends There are many legends regarding the humble St David, none more linked to his […]

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