Chilling With Penguins In Cape Town

Penguin on Beach

An hour-long drive from Cape Town southwards, along the coastal road through Fish Hoek and Simon’s Town, lives an unusual family. Hidden in a sheltered bay of granite boulders, resides a colony of African penguins. White sandy beaches, peaceful neighbourhood, plenty of swimming spots, Boulders Beach is the perfect place to settle. A few friendly […]

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Skydiving Over Cape Town

Rainbow Parachute In Front Of White Cloud

The shutter door rolls up on the right-hand side of the small aircraft, hovering 9000ft above Cape Town, revealing an expanse of baby blue sky with a spattering of fluffy white clouds. The cold air sweeps in, causing goosebumps. Knees weak, palms sweaty. The skydiving tandem jumper issues his last instructions ‘Bend your knees under […]

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Shark Diving in Gansbaai

The brisk salt air of the South Atlantic Ocean nips as it fills the lungs, in contrast with the gentle swaying of the small diving boat. Twenty minutes out at sea from Gansbaai, an eight-man diving cage attached to the side of the vessel, is ominously lowered. ‘Remember, do not put your hands outside of […]

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