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  • Padlock Bridge Paris
    Travel: Advice

    Why I Wish People Would Stop Putting Padlocks on Bridges

    Fair warning… this post is a bit of a rant I can be a bit of a grumpy old cow at times, and I have quite a few pet peeves. Whether this is lateness or laziness *screams internally* but when travelling, I feel that we all have a degree of responsibility to preserve the destinations for everyone else. That’s why people need to stop putting padlocks on bridges. I love exploring and will try to go on as many city breaks as possible, especially being in London and so close to Europe. Paris is the first place that I heard about a bridge covered in padlocks. A symbol of love…

  • Carpe Diem in Scrabble Tiles
    Travel: Advice

    The Year Of Indigenous Languages – A Personal Challenge

    This year, UNESCO has is placing considerable emphasis on the importance of indigenous languages as part of cultural heritage. So much so, that they have named 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Language is more than just communication; it is a crucial aspect of cultural identity. Sadly, many of these languages are under threat. In a previous post (below), I mentioned that there are 2680 languages listed as vulnerable throughout the world and 9 of these are native to the UK. I suppose given that I didn’t even realise some of these languages existed that they are vulnerable. Alderney FrenchCornishGuernsey FrenchIrishJersey FrenchManxScotsScottish GaelicWelsh The nine languages listed…

  • Travel: Health

    Things I Have Learnt in 2018

    2018 has been a bit of a strange year, and it has flown past. There have been lots of changes and adventures in my personal and professional life, and here are the key take-home messages from my experiences this year. It’s OK not to be OK I have come to terms more with my mental health issues in 2018 and accepted that my diagnoses are part of me, but they do not define me. I understand that I require medication to manage my conditions and realised that there is nothing wrong with that. With my experiences, I have been able to open up more about my mental health and realised that…

  • Yachts in Madeira
    Travel: Weddings

    Destination Weddings – Madeira

    In our previous post, we discussed some points to consider when planning a destination wedding (check it out here). The gorgeous Island of Madeira is one of the incredible wedding destinations that you can choose. A small island part of Portugal, north of the Canary Islands is where you can find the tranquil Madeira. A protected UNESCO site, famous for its wine and nature and a perfect wedding destination. Sunny skies, azure blue seas, and pretty pink flowers litter the island, spoiling you for choice as a wedding destination. Whether its a boho outdoor wedding or beachy vibes, it is well worth checking it out! For more information and to…

  • Travel: Health

    Your On-The-Go Self-Care Kit

    Everyone, even those without mental health conditions, needs to look after themselves, especially when they are on the road travelling. It is easy to forget to put yourself first and get caught up in the adventure. I have put together my on-the-go self-care kit for things I always take travelling. Self-Care Journal In the technological world that we now live in, there is still a joy of actually taking a pen to paper. By jotting down your thoughts, doodling or colouring, it can be a soothing motion with your hands to refocus your mind. I always have coloured pens as well as bright colours means positive vibes! Journalling may even…

  • Travel: Weddings

    Planning Your Destination Wedding

    Five years ago I was able to marry my soulmate in a stunning ceremony in Kalkan, Turkey. We decided to have a destination wedding, not only because we could more certainly guarantee the weather but also the insane costs of having a wedding in the UK (especially in London & the South East). Fortunately, this was an option for us, and we had a destination in mind. Wedding planning can be a particularly stressful experience, especially with distance and language barriers. Here are my first tips for planning a destination wedding: 1. Find your partner! Sounds pretty straightforward but you need to have someone to marry and who shares the…

  • Birthday Cupcakes
    Travel: Wanderlust

    The 40 Before 40 Travel Challenge

    So last week was my 32nd birthday. It was a pretty quiet affair, with a few friends and family for a chilled out Sunday BBQ. Birthdays to me are always a time to reflect upon what I have achieved and lessons learned, but also moving forwards towards new goals and targets. Mainly, travel more! So here I am setting myself a travel challenge. Over a business lunch, my manager mentioned that she was travelling to Malta as part of her personal 50 countries before she turns 50 years old list. It got me thinking that I could set myself a goal over the next eight years to bring up my total number…

  • Travel: Advice

    How To Stay Safe During The UK Heatwave

    As the UK enters its longest ever heatwave, it is essential to remember to protect yourself from the sun. Travel safety is critical, with everyone being savvier overseas, but not considering that the UK sun can be just as hot! Here are the top tips for staying safe this summer The main risks associated with the current heatwave are dehydration, overheating and sunburn or sunstroke. If you are vulnerable to heat, stay in the shade between 11 am and 3 pm. This time is the hottest part of the day. Regularly drink cold drinks such as water, and avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Wear loose cool clothing. Make sure you wear a…

  • Travel,  Travel: Wanderlust

    Travel Quotes To Actually Inspire Travel

    You’ve seen them flashed all over your Instagram feed and numerous Pinterest boards for travel quotes to spark your wanderlust and inspire the traveller in you. There are so many travel quotes to choose. For me, it is the story and origin of the quote that makes it meaningful. Give a perspective on a quote; it can make it more purposeful and insightful. Gustav Flaubert Flaubert was an influential French novelist in the 19th century. He believed in finding just the right word for his prose and revealed in romanticism and realism. Innovative, Flaubert quotes here the truth, no cliché, just delicate yet powerful. The world is a vast place,…

  • Travel: Sport

    Its More Than A Game In Russia’s Football World Cup

    ‘The World Cup is a very important way to measure the good players, and the great ones’ – Pele The beautiful game of football is played worldwide by millions of men, women, and children. Played first (official association football) in 1863 and how the game has grown since this scoreless draw between Barnes and Richmond. Now represented by an estimated 265 million people across 207 member associations, and the pinnacle of association football is the World Cup. The World Cup Hosted every four years since 1930, Russia hosts the 2018 competition which starts on Thursday 14th June. This tournaments’ hosts are Russia, and the bidding was not without scandal or controversy. Allegations…