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    Things I Have Learnt in 2018

    2018 has been a bit of a strange year, and it has flown past. There have been lots of changes and adventures in my personal and professional life, and here are the key take-home messages from my experiences this year. It’s OK not to be OK I have come to terms more with my mental health issues in 2018 and accepted that my diagnoses are part of me, but they do not define me. I understand that I require medication to manage my conditions and realised that there is nothing wrong with that. With my experiences, I have been able to open up more about my mental health and realised that…

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    Your On-The-Go Self-Care Kit

    Everyone, even those without mental health conditions, needs to look after themselves, especially when they are on the road travelling. It is easy to forget to put yourself first and get caught up in the adventure. I have put together my on-the-go self-care kit for things I always take travelling. Self-Care Journal In the technological world that we now live in, there is still a joy of actually taking a pen to paper. By jotting down your thoughts, doodling or colouring, it can be a soothing motion with your hands to refocus your mind. I always have coloured pens as well as bright colours means positive vibes! Journalling may even…

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    Feeling Homesick When You Move Back Home

    When being away from home, it can be quite familiar to feel symptoms of feeling homesick. Once the novelty of a new place wears off and the reality of the situation your in hits, homesickness can soon follow. Homesick is defined as the distress caused by being away from home. Leaving your family, friends and family places can leave you feeling lonely and isolated. When I left London for New Zealand at the age of 18, I expected a degree of homesickness. Moving home for the very first time, and to a country pretty much as far away as possible would not be easy. I didn’t know anyone and going…

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    14 Tips For Travelling with Depression

    For those with depression, travelling can feel like a fantastic opportunity to feel better. A chance to get a new perspective on life, step out from your comfort zone and feel rejuvenated. While travelling can help you feel all these things, don’t believe that it can be a miracle cure. Sadly depression doesn’t get the memo that it didn’t get the invite for your trip! Stepping out of the mundane daily stress life can help to break the cycle of depression but be realistic that your depression isn’t going to stay at home. Be prepared that an episode may strike and it’s ok if it does. Your depression (or any…

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    Hints For Travelling With An Anxiety Diagnosis

    Everyone gets that worry when at the airport or when travelling, that nagging anxious feeling. I always think about the film ‘Home Alone’ when Kevin’s mum is on the plane and convinced that she has forgotten something, a bit extreme as she has forgotten her youngest son. But what if you have anxiety in your day to day life? Almost 3 million people in the UK have an anxiety disorder, including (but not limited to) post-traumatic, obsessive-compulsive, social and generalised anxiety. Travel anxiety is a complex condition, related to fear or worry related to travel. This worry may prevent people from travelling and making excuses for booking trips. Fear of flying…