Skydiving Over Cape Town

The shutter door rolls up on the right handside of the small aircraft, hovering 9000ft above Cape Town, revealing an expanse of baby blue sky with a spattering of fluffy white clouds. The cold air sweeps in, causing goosebumps. Knees weak, palms sweaty. The tandem jumper issues his last instructions ‘Bend your knees under the plane, lend back and roll out‘.

A short drive from Cape Town, is a small airfield home to a well established skydive company. They have been operating out of Cape Town and nearby Stellenbosch. The sun beats down on the runway, as divers are meticulously folding parachutes. The place is deserted from tourists, and the diving instructions jovial at the obvious nervous faces. After a weigh-in, some quick maths to ensure that the parachute can support the combined weight and a short safety briefing, the walk to the plane to take off.

The plane was large enough to fit 6 people, including the tandem masters. A scenic 20 minute journey to 9000ft above sea level, the shutter door opens. Strapped to the tandem master, your final instructions are to tuck your knees under the lip of the plane edge, lean backwards and roll out of the plane from the hips.

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky – Jimi Hendrix

Then falling, at 120mph from 9000ft for 30 seconds. The adrenaline coursing though the veins, initial paralysing fear dissolves into awe and amazement. A thrilling rush at free falling. Without warning, the parachute is pulled and the free fall abruptly stops with a giant and not so gentle hoisting sensation. A serene descent, swaying from left to right, taking in the sights of Cape Town and the surrounding areas. The light fluttering as the wind catches in the chute as the temperature gets warmer closer to the ground.

The lightest person is first to jump, with the heaviest being last. The duration of the descent depends on the combined weight. A clumsy landing. Lifting knees up to hip level,  awkwardly landing in the sand, on top of the tandem master and thats it, back on solid ground.

Voted as one of the best backdrops to see at altitude, with Cape Town, Table Mountain and Robben Island, unfurling underneath during a tranquil 5 minute parachute descent. Only if your brave enough for the free fall first.

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