Christmas Markets in Esslingen

Esslingen am Neckar is a small medieval town close by to Stuttgart. Last year I was lucky enough to be visiting Esslingen for a workshop and had a chance to visit a traditional Christmas Market. However, the Christmas Market in Esslingen is unique. With more than 200 booths, the Esslingen Market is one of the largest in the region and had so much history given that there has been a settlement at Esslingen since about 1000BC.

For almost four weeks at the Medieval Market, merchants in historical garments offer their goods for sale just as they did hundreds of years ago. Craftsmen like pewterers, felt-makers, tinder-makers, blacksmiths, rope-makers, basket-makers, broom-makers or glass-blowers demonstrate their craftsmanship. Furthermore, in the streets and on various stages artists fascinate their audience with juggling, music and nonsense. Everything is credible, without the feeling of being too commercial and the food and drink is also amazing (recommend the traditional mulled wine, or a rum hot chocolate with a hint of chilli to warm you up!). Esslingen takes a thrilling trip back in time. The Christmas market is unlike the ‘German Christmas Markets’ that appear in London weeks before Christmas, with a sense of history and authenticity. Well worth a visit!


Happy Travelling, CJeffers x

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