London Design Biennale

A vibrant, ambitious and innovative exhibition by over 40 different countries, regions and territories are currently located in Somerset House, London. With the theme of Emotional States linking all these different pieces together, each has its perspective on emotion.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

Australia – Full Spectrum

A rainbow coloured spectrum, with flexible and changing lights, it is said to represent the emotion of love. After Australia legalised same-sex marriage, the designer Flynn Talbot was inspired by the inclusivity of love and the openness of Australia with this piece. Integrating the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag, and the movement of the spectrum shows the progression and hope in Australia.

Brazil – Desmatamento

One of the most known things that Brazil is famous for is the Rainforest, and designer David Ella’s piece is highlighting the vulnerability of this part of the world, tapping into the emotions of fear, loss and hope. By creating empathy for the plight of the rainforest, Ella is hoping to galvanise change and protection, both nationally and internationally. By submerging the viewer into the rainforest, from the sounds, humidity and colours you forgot that you are in Somerset House.

Germany – Pure Gold

Described as upcycling and it’s emotional touch, a selection of German designers have taken plastic waste which is so damaging to the ecosystem and transforming them into household goods, from chairs to carpets. Showing that upcycled products can be high quality and integrated into our daily life, the emotions of joy and surprise that these pieces can look so beautiful.

Greece – ΑΝΥΠΑΚΟΗ (Disobedience)

One of the external exhibits, situated in the main courtyard, is Greece’s interpretation of temperament and disobedience. A long white kinetic cage, that responses to external and internal influences as you walk through it. Immersive and unexpected, a flexible floor changes the shape and sound, be careful as I almost fell out at the end!

Guatemala – Palopò

Guatemala is highly reliant on its tourism; however, issues are going on throughout the country, so designer Diego Olivero put together a highly ambitious idea of using ancient textile patterns to decorate and paint the town of Pintando Santa Catarina Palopò. Creativity a unique townscape, the emotion of hope and connectivity to promote tourism to the area once again

Latvia – Matter to Matter

The town of Riga in Latvia has its unique climate. Surrounded by forest and on the Baltic Sea, Riga can be incredibly humid, so designer Arthur Analts created a giant green screen (for nature) which then changes gas to liquid with condensation. Interactive you can draw or leave a message on the screen before it disappears. The emotion of interacting with nature, feel like a kid but at least not getting told off for drawing on the shower screen!

Check it out before it ends on Sunday!

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