Triple Review: Instagram tour of London with a social media expert

I came across Triple.Co while browsing the internet on a typical morning commute (you know what it is like, Alice falling down the rabbit hole!). They offer a number of local run tours in numerous cities across Europe. They appealed to me as I love anything where locals can teach me about my own city and being a guide may be something I consider in the future. It’s sometimes hard to find something to do in your own town and end up doing the same things over and over, so I was looking for inspiration!


Heading over to the London section of the website to browse the various events available and was pleasantly surprised by how many and varied that they were. I settled on an Instagram tour of London with a social media expert. Instagram is such a massive part of Jeffers Adventures, and any help I can get would be invaluable. Having a bit of structure to work with is really what I needed. I also wanted to see pretty parts of London from a social media perspective.


Booking online was super easy. I messaged the host to arrange a date and time and passed on my phone number to chat via WhatsApp about the meeting. This was perfect as I am really rubbish at replying to emails and also helped that we could see the photos of each other as well for the meeting. We arranged to meet at Covent Garden on a Sunday morning.


Not going to lie but I was really nervous waiting to meet Katie. Basically, a stranger that I had only spoken to a handful of times, I was a pretty apprehensive that she might be a bit overwhelming. It wasn’t at all, Katie is bubbly and outgoing and full of infectious energy. Straight away I knew that we would just click!

Neal’s Yard

We walked down to Neal’s Yard, one of the most Instagram-able places in London, and discussed how best to take Instagram images on an iPhone and the best angles, focusing on putting me in the picture. I am really quite self-conscious and much happier being behind the camera rather than in front of it. Katie was very patient and gave me lots of positive encouragement to make me feel more comfortable in myself.

What is Your USP?

With that Icebreaker out the way, we then went to have a coffee (or in my case tea) and to have a short chat on what I wanted to achieve with Jeffers Adventures. As I cover quite a broad niche of London & travel with a spattering of photography and mental health, Katie spoke to me about being consistent in my Instagram posting and what is my unique selling point.


What makes me unique? Having low self-esteem and self-confidence means that this question comes typically with a torrent of negative chatter. I said this to Katie, and she was stunned. She said I bring real positive energy. This made me think of something my colleague said to me just the day before:

‘Bright colours and positive vibes’

The energy and colour I carry is my USP.


With that decided we headed back to London focusing on colours as my Instagram content. Feeling more determined and balanced, we walked around back down to Covent Garden, looking for the subject matter of colour with Katie, my own personal David Bailey. I didn’t feel self-conscious or uncomfortable or even silly at any point. It all just felt right. Like walking past a pop-up Carousel with a live Pom Pom making workshop or into a vintage shop, everything just clicked.

Final thoughts

Following from this tour, I felt so much more confident in my content and thought that I was able to really see my direction and USP. I cannot recommend this tour, Katie and Triple enough for the insight and giving me not just some great content, but reigniting the spark of my focus and passion.


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  1. Vox

    We’re planning a trip to London next year, so your post really caught my eye. Sounds like this touring spirit has inspired you to experience a richer, deeper involvement with London. 👍🏽 We can’t wait to see the city for ourselves (and check out the music stores and vintage shops). Maybe we will get to see you when we get there. 😀

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