Savvy Shutter Speed

The final element in our photography triangle is shutter speed. Shutter speed controls the amount of time that the sensor is exposed to light

Photography Triangle

The longer the shutter is open, the more light that hits the sensor and the shorter the shutter is open, the less light hits the sensor. The shutter speed is either listed as a fraction of a second (1/60) or in whole seconds (1′, 2′). Some camera even allow for whole minutes, or an infinite amount of time (bulb). Shutter speed is a bit easier to understand than aperture, where the fraction 1/60 is literally one sixtieth of a second that the shutter is open.


Depending on what you are capturing, depends on the shutter speed that you will need. If you are capturing sport or wildlife, you may want to try and get a sharp image, freezing the action as it happens.


Capturing a slight blur, as seen in this image above can also be quite effective at demonstrating moment, such as the street below Somerset House in London or the image on the Southbank at London below


So remember…

Short shutter speed = 1/2000 = freeze the action

Long shutter speed = 1′ = capture movement

Adjust your shutter for the light and remember the balance between ISO and aperture

Happy Snapping, CJeffers x

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