Homesick For Your Foreign Home

When being away from home, it can be quite familiar to feel symptoms of homesickness. Once the novelty of a new place wears off and the reality of the situation your in hits, homesickness can soon follow. Homesickness is defined as the distress caused by being away from home. Leaving your family, friends and family READ MORE

Travelling With Depression – 14 Tips For Your Adventures

For those with depression, travelling can feel like a fantastic opportunity to feel better. A chance to get a new perspective on life, step out from your comfort zone and feel rejuvenated. While travelling can help you feel all these things, don’t believe that it can be a miracle cure. Sadly depression doesn’t get the READ MORE

Travelling Anxiety

Everyone gets that worry when at the airport or when travelling, that nagging anxious feeling. I always think about the film ‘Home Alone’ when Kevin’s mum is on the plane and convinced that she has forgotten something, a bit extreme as she has forgotten her youngest son. But what if you have anxiety in your READ MORE