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Day in London #24

Leadenhall Market, City of London Can understand why this is the inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series. Quirky shops and stunning architecture and a real throwback feel LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography

Day in London #23

Penguin Beach, London Zoo, Regent’s Park London Zoo is one of the oldest zoological societies and is located in the heart of central London, in Regent’s Park. The penguin beach with its smartly dressed hosts (they look like little tuxedo’s right?) are a huge attraction LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography

Day in London #21

Westminster Abbey Nestled beside the Houses of Parliament is the dramatic Westminister Abbey. This abbey has seen numerous coronations and royal weddings since it was first built in 960 LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography

Day In London #20

Early Morning at St Pauls A crisp blue sky forms the perfect backdrop for one of London’s most iconic and recognisable buildings. St Pauls has been the symbol of hope and the resilience of Londoners for many years and I am sure it will continue to LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography

Day in London #19

Dusk over the Serpentine, Hyde Park The serpentine runs through Hyde Park, forming almost a vein to the park. The scene of numerous water events over the summer (and those crazy people in the winter!) LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography

Day in London #17

Street Art in Brick Lane Around the East End of London, there can be found hundreds of gems of street art. Freedom of expressions, political opinions and an underlying sense of rebellion and anarchy is what makes London so special. LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography

Day in London #16

Flowers on Bankside Bankside, further along than the Southbank is where you can find the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Not as popular as the Southbank, but still with little hidden gems LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography

Day in London #15

Natural History Museum One of my most favourite places in London. Its not only full of all things nature and science, but it is ridiculously pretty inside and out. Oh yeah, and its free to visit LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography

Day in London #13

Black and White Spotlight, Southbank A spotlight for those who want to step into it. Of course the Southbank has been the setting for many films and TV programmes and is also the home of the British Film Institute LondonPhoto SeriesPhotography