All About Taranaki

New Zealand is a wondrous place to visit, with its beautiful beaches to its epic mountains, and Mount Taranaki is one of the most famous nature destinations out to the west of the North Island. ‘The Naki’ is it is affectionately known, is often overlooked as a destination due to its distance out west, but […]

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Catching Up With The Locals at Jersey Zoo

Jersey may be a small island, but it has plenty of heart and spirit. Especially the naturalist and author Gerald Durell, who in 1959 set up a Jersey Zoo and a wildlife conservation trust to help save endangered species of animals. Gerald Durrell The humble beginnings of Jersey Zoo start with Gerald Durrell. Gerald Durrell […]

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Making the Most of Winter Wonderland

Christmas Carousel

The festive season has officially arrived in London, with the grand opening of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Winter Wonderland is located in the heart of London,  one of the capital’s 8 Royal Parks. Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, with the exception of Christmas Day until the 6th of January, Winter Wonderland is now […]

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Review: Day Trip to the Great Wall of China

Stairs at the Great Wall of China

Upon booking our flights to New Zealand was agreed on a 10-hour layover in China. The flights were so cheap with the layover and thought we would hang around in the airport, especially as Beijing is one of the largest terminals in an airport. It wasn’t until I was having a chat with my Mum […]

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Top 5 Most Spectacular London Fireworks Displays

Pink Fireworks

London celebrates Guy Fawkes Night every year on the 5th November. This is the day that Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in a terrorist attack but was foiled. On the weekend closest to the 5th, there are a number of free or ticketed events to catch a glimpse of some […]

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Destination Weddings – Madeira

Yachts in Madeira

In our previous post, we discussed some points to consider when planning a destination wedding (check it out here). The gorgeous Island of Madeira is one of the incredible wedding destinations that you can choose. A small island part of Portugal, north of the Canary Islands is where you can find the tranquil Madeira. A […]

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Your On-The-Go Self-Care Kit

Everyone, even those without mental health conditions, needs to look after themselves, especially when they are on the road travelling. It is easy to forget to put yourself first and get caught up in the adventure. I have put together my on-the-go self-care kit for things I always take travelling. Self-Care Journal In the technological […]

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Planning Your Destination Wedding

Five years ago I was able to marry my soulmate in a stunning ceremony in Kalkan, Turkey. We decided to have a destination wedding, not only because we could more certainly guarantee the weather but also the insane costs of having a wedding in the UK (especially in London & the South East). Fortunately, this […]

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When I didn’t have a Spiritual Experience at the Vatican

For Easter 2012, all the women on my Mum’s side of the family (11 of us in total) went to visit Rome and the Vatican as part of our Grandmother’s 70th Birthday celebrations. Ranging from 75 to 16, all of us were raised Roman Catholics, and we arrived in Rome on the morning on Palm […]

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The 40 Before 40 Travel Challenge

Birthday Cupcakes

So last week was my 32nd birthday. It was a pretty quiet affair, with a few friends and family for a chilled out Sunday BBQ. Birthdays to me are always a time to reflect upon what I have achieved and lessons learned, but also moving forwards towards new goals and targets. Mainly, travel more! So here […]

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