How To Stay Safe During The UK Heatwave

As the UK enters its longest ever heatwave it is really important to remember to protect yourself from the sun. Here are the top tips for staying safe this summer The main risks associated with the current heatwave are dehydration, overheating and sunburn or sunstroke. If you are vulnerable to heat, stay in the shade READ MORE

London Pride

The weekend, central London hosted the annual Pride Parade, with the LGBT and the extended community painting the town a rainbow with a colourful and vibrant parade of over 500 different groups celebrating across the iconic backdrop of London.The UK’s most significant and diverse Pride Parade, London has hosted a festival since 1972. The first READ MORE

Bletchley Park

Situated an hour north of London, is an inconspicuous estate close to Bletchley train station. A mansion and grounds, that was pivotal in the modern era of information technology and cloaked in secrecy. The home of the code breakers in World War II has exceptional historical importance and is still relevant today. The Mansion and READ MORE

Tower Of London

An impenetrable fortress on the north bank of the river Thames is the Tower of London. A long and multi-functional history since being built in 1066, the Tower has been a palace, a prison, an armoury, a royal mint, a treasury, a public records office and the home of the Crown Jewels. Most famously the Tower of READ MORE

Barbican, London

A brutalist concrete jungle casts shadows over the City of London. An ambitious community project from the 1960s oozes with character and charm. Formerly a gateway to the London Wall, an original part of Roman Londonium. Incredibly part of the wall still survives as you walk around the complex. Population blossomed in the area during READ MORE

Best Songs About London

With Manchester and Liverpool representing English pop music for decades, it is easy to forget that the Capital City has produced some fantastic artists and provided the inspiration for many incredible songs. Here is just a selection: ‘A Foggy Day (In London Town)’ – Ella Fitzgerald ‘London: the best place on Earth to be miserable’ READ MORE

London’s Best Parks

An unusual seasonal heatwave hits London over a bank holiday weekend; it is like hitting the jackpot! One of the chief joys of London is the numerous green spaces within the labyrinth of old cobbled streets and high rise buildings. Other major cities will have one large park but London has so many, and here are the READ MORE

The First Emperor and Liverpool’s China Town​

The first Chinese immigrants to Liverpool arrived in the 1830s when the first vessel direct from China arrived in Liverpool’s docks to trade such goods as silk and cotton wool. More immigrants came in Liverpool in the late 1860s with the establishment of the Blue Funnel Shipping Line. The commercial shipping line created strong trade READ MORE

Going Underground

Dramatically busy, feeling like a rock concert mosh pit, with shouts of ‘can you move further down please’ as you manoeuvre and contort like some standing game of Twister, generally a sweltering hot sweat box with suspicious and potent odours. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Still one of the most reliable and READ MORE

London Marathon

Electricity sparks in the air, the gentle excited laughter and soft pounding of trainers of thousands of runners heading to the start. Spectators trying to find a perfect vantage point, ensuring they make the most of the sun shining. Final preparations before the race begins. “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’” (Yoda, Star READ MORE