• Destination: Oceania

    Hide And Seek With Yellow-Eyed Penguins On Otago Peninsula

    Penguins are my one of my most favourite animals. These little birds who live in tightly knit communities, through adversity and hardships, protecting their little eggs are just so adorable. And look how cute they are! Yellow-Eyed Penguins Yellow-eyed penguins also known as Hoiho in Maori are one of the rarest and most endangered species on penguins. With only 4000 birds reported worldwide, they are at a real risk of becoming extinct in the next 20-40 years. These little penguins bear a yellow band from their eyes reaching backwards, like the arms of invisible sunglasses. Luckily the Hoiho like the beaches at Otago Peninsula to lay their eggs and raise…

  • Penguin on Beach
    Destination: Africa

    Chilling With Penguins In Cape Town

    An hour-long drive from Cape Town southwards, along the coastal road through Fish Hoek and Simon’s Town, lives an unusual family. Hidden in a sheltered bay of granite boulders, resides a colony of African penguins. White sandy beaches, peaceful neighbourhood, plenty of swimming spots, Boulders Beach is the perfect place to settle. A few friendly penguins settled into the beach first in 1982. Now their family has grown, and the colony is almost 3,000. It is incredible that so many wild creatures have made this little part of the Cape Peninsula their home. Remember they are wild animals, and those beaks are pretty sharp! African Penguins African penguins are an…