What Makes A Bucket List?

The term is thrown around very casually and it seems that everyone has heard of a bucket list but what actually is it? Generally, the most common description is a list of all the things you want to try, goals you want to achieve and life experiences you want to have before you die.

Simple right? But where do you even start?

First start by really defining what you want in a Bucket List? You can have numerous different bucket lists, whether they are from your home country or places to visit or things to see. Bucket lists make you stop and think what you actually want to experience in this lifetime. Bucket lists give us both hope and feed our curiosity.

So… start brain storming. Yet, go further and remove time and money constraints, physical limitations and anything else you think may hold you back. Let your mind be as free as possible. Be as crazy as you can and forget the impossible. I am sure that you will be amazed at what you think up!

Next…focus on time. Its an idea to put a time next to your bucket ideas. Whether this is Summer/Winter (LA in Summer, Prague in Winter), by year or before your 30/40. If you set yourself time goals it will help to give you the motivation, otherwise your list is just gonna sit there.

Chose a partner. You probably have someone in mind whom you want to share specific experiences with, your spouse, partner, BFF or family member. Speak to your support network and see if they have the same goals as you. By getting someone else on board can further establish the time on these goals and get them into action. Buddying up can also help with costs and the whole joy of the experience.

Prioritise. What is your top three? What excites you the most and what has the most time sensitive limit? Once you have your top three, flesh out the finer details for each one. Who are you going with? When are you going (and try to be as specific as possible)? Where do you need to go and how are you going to get there? What do I need to do to make this happen? How much is it going to cost?

Keep going.┬áThe goal of your bucket list is not to finish it completely but for it to constantly grow as you grow. Its not a checklist to ‘level-up’ to ‘awesome traveller’ or be better than the next person, but to experience what makes you happy and what you chose.

Although this sounds a bit like a managerial spiel on how to manage your todo list, a lot of the same principles apply. Set SMART goals (corporate bullsh*t bingo here!) and make them happen. The only thing stopping you is you. If your goals are too unobtainable, change them. If you keep setting goals that you cannot achieve (climb Mt Everest – I don’t even own a pair of walking shoes) it will dishearten you instead of empower you.

Have fun in brainstorming and dream big.

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